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Helping The Community

At The Pet Cross, we are proud to offer mobile veterinary services to those in need.  Our clinic includes a pharmacy and a laboratory that allows us to provide basic veterinary care, such as preventative medicine, treating infections and illnesses.  

In order to extend our funds to as many people in need as possible, we request proof of qualification for services before they are performed.  Examples of proof include a Quest/EFT card, a tax return verifying salary of less than $36,612, a paycheck of less than $1409 biweekly, current unemployment check, medicaid card, SSI ID, FDPIR, or WIC.  

We also believe in controlling the pet overpopulation problem.  For this reason, we strongly recommend animals over a year of age to be spayed or neutered. This will also decrease their chances of mammary and testicular cancers, eliminate life threatening pyometra and cause less wandering and aggression among males.  

If there is a location in central Colorado with a homeless population or indigent community in need of veterinary services, please don't hesitate to contact us by email to discuss how we can help.

Mobile Vet Clinic Services: What We Do
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